Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Supplement to Restore Vibrant Health

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Supplement to Restore Vibrant Health

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Supplement to Restore Vibrant Health

In addition to our extensive wellness services, Acu-Na Wellness Center offers Traditional Chinese 

edicine and quality natural supplements to create tangible results in your condition and help you reach your health goals more quickly. The use of Traditional Chinese Medicine along with natural supplements and dietary enhancements complement and reiterate the principles of your treatments on a daily basis. This allows us to continue helping you in the days or weeks between your treatments so that you are consistently moving forward on your wellness path.

Our wellness professionals are trained and licensed to incorporate traditional Chinese herbal medicine and natural supplements into your health plan. We understand the power of natural herbal medicine to create accelerated improvement in your symptoms and help correct underlying factors that contribute to your condition.

All of the medicinal substances we carry have been time-tested by ourselves and our patients. We take pride in the herbs and supplements we offer, and we offer them because we have seen them create reliable results over and over across our patient base. We customize your health plan for YOU, and the following options are offered for your utmost convenience and to help you experience vibrant health.

Many people nowadays have seen their parents be put on endless pharmaceutical drugs. They question the synergy between the multiple drugs and the negative effects they may be having on their loved ones. Therefore, many people are now preferring a more natural approach and not pharmaceutical intervention. At Acu-Na Wellness Center, we will help you “restore vibrant health” by supporting the normal function of your organs.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Raw Herbal Pharmacy

Acu-Na Wellness Center has an extensive collection of the highest quality traditional Chinese herbs, which represent the most potent form of medicine available to herbalists. These herbs have been extensively studied by practitioners of eastern and western herbal medicine for centuries, and their power to create change has been demonstrated in research as well as in the clinical setting.

Your Chinese herbal formula is created by your practitioner and given to you to prepare in the form of an herbal tea to drink twice per day. The practitioners of Chinese herbal medicine at Acu-Na have been trained to create Chinese herbal formulas that are customized to the needs of each individual patient. This form of traditional Chinese medicine is unique in that we can combine specific individual herbs into a formulation that treats every aspect of your condition, while taking into account your unique health presentation. These customized Chinese herbal prescriptions are created just for YOU, and they can be modified accordingly as your condition improves. Herbal consultations can be included in an Acupuncture visit with the only extra charge being the cost of the herbs themselves. Herbal medicines are usually immediately available following a consultation.

Capsules and Tablets

We also carry high-quality Chinese herbal formulations in convenient capsule and tablet form. We only dispense herbs from companies that we trust to provide clean, potent herbal products that have been tested for quality and safety. We stock a variety of formulas that address common health concerns we see in our clinic, such as neck/back pain, respiratory health, digestive health, stress management, and much more. We choose the formula that best fits your presentation to help you see progress quickly and retain long-lasting results.

Science-Based Supplements and Nutraceuticals

Neurotransmitter Balancing

We are providers of Sanesco products, which provide a natural approach to optimizing function of the HPA axis and neuroendocrine system. This effective approach balances the body’s communication system and addresses a variety of symptoms and conditions to optimize health. Mary Houge specializes in this approach and is available for Holistic Health Consultations to explore the array of options within neurotransmitter therapy.

Medical Foods

We are providers of Metagenics nutrigenomic medical foods and nutraceuticals, which offer a research-based multifunctional approach to wellness. Their vast collection of products provides a targeted nutritional approach to chronic conditions. Notable favorites in our Metagenics collection include UltraInflam-X for systemic inflammation and digestive health, UltraGlucose Control for blood sugar regulation, Estrovera for menopause support, the potent probiotic Ultraflora Spectrum, and many more options for noticeable results.

Wellness Supplements

We offer various additional supplements that we have found to be useful for our patients for addressing everyday concerns and maintaining their wellness. From potent B-complex formulations to homeopathic sleep support, our trusted supplements are a natural complement to your wellness plan.

Shop for top grade nutraceuticals at Our Fullscript Online Store, it helps guide your product selection by selecting in the catalog Acu-Na's Dispensary favorites.

You can also schedule a integrative health consultation today so we can create a custom wellness plan for you. We will review your health history from both an allopathic view and from a Chinese Medicine medical paradigm. We will also review which services that we offer best suit you.

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