What are the Benefits of Energy Healing

What are the Benefits of Energy Healing

What are the Benefits of Energy Healing

Energy healing is a unique category of therapeutic modalities because it encompasses a wide array of techniques and philosophies. They all have the common goal of adjusting or harmonizing the body’s energy field, allowing your body to function optimally. Energy work helps remove intangible blockages in your system so that your nervous system and energetic centers can work harmoniously. If your energetic field is balanced, your body has the resources it needs to heal itself from physical, mental, or emotional issues. Energy workers are just like electricians working on electrical circuitry.

An example:  Reiki uses various sacred geometry to guide the universal energy to someone for a specific purpose as every sacred geometry has a specific frequency to it and every purpose has a specific frequency, just as everything in the universe has its own frequency. One can guide this specific universal energy to someone either in person or virtually.

Other forms of energy work direct this universal energy through other means like through intention, visualization and so forth. Reiki uses sacred geometry.

What does energy work feel like?

Usually, energy work is performed while you are clothed and relaxing on the treatment table. Your therapist places her hands on or near your body in specific locations based on the type of therapy you are receiving. You will be able to relax and quiet your mind as you receive your healing session. Most people report a profound sense of deep relaxation during the treatment, or even fall asleep. Following energy healing treatments, you can expect to feel calm, centered, or re-energized. You may begin to notice shifts in your mindset and physical body as you become more balanced and less stressed.

How is energy work performed over a virtual telehealth session?

Reiki and Healing Touch can be performed via telehealth sessions. This is because your therapist is working with your energy field, which is intangible so it can be adjusted even from a distance. Your therapist “tunes in” to your biofield via the energy fields that surround us all. We recommend that you find a comfortable place to rest in your own home such as a couch, floor mat, or bed before you log in to your virtual session.

Do I have to understand/believe in energy healing for it to work?

No. Just like acupuncture, massage therapy, and herbal medicine, energy healing works regardless of your expectations. Many people begin as skeptics and after tying their first session at Acu-Na they experience and feel the value of the healing modalities they’ve tried. Everybody responds uniquely to energy healing, so you can expect your experience to be one-of-a-kind.

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