What are the Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage

What are the Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage

What are the Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage Acupuncture and/or Massage:

Strengthens the immune system– It is the job of the lymphatic system to respond to pathogens by mobilizing white blood cells and mounting an immune response to neutralize the viral or bacterial invaders. This is why your lymph nodes become swollen when you are sick–the white blood cells are proliferating in order to fight the pathogen.

Reduces fluid accumulation– stagnant lymph causes swelling and a feeling of heaviness in the limbs. Lymphatic treatments help restore proper fluid metabolism and address the root cause of fluid accumulation.

Relieves a variety of symptoms– the following are all symptoms that can be associated with chronic lymph blockage: Worsening allergies and food sensitivities, frequent colds, headaches, cysts, fatigue, parasitic overgrowth, skin breakouts, cellulite, fat accumulations, sluggish feeling in limbs.

How is Lymphatic Acupuncture Different?

Your acupuncturist chooses acupoints with specific functions that support the lymphatic system. For example, the Spleen meridian is used to support fluid metabolism and the Liver channel is used to promote detoxification as well as move the energy and fluid properly throughout the body. This targeted approach helps to open the circulatory pathways and restore proper flow of lymphatic fluid and white blood cells.

How is Lymphatic Massage Different?

Lymphatic massage uses lighter pressure than traditional massage, as the goal is to move lymphatic fluid rather than compress muscle tissue. Your massage therapist targets the specific areas in the body where the lymph fluid tends to accumulate, and manually moves the lymph towards the heart where it is meant to be for re-entering into the circulatory system.

How often should I receive Lymphatic treatments?
Like many holistic treatments, the effects of lymphatic treatment are cumulative. Therefore treatment is most effective when performed regularly, so each session can build on the progress made in the previous session. For more severe conditions with significant swelling, ideal frequency is 1-2 times per week. For moderate cases or for general wellness maintenance, many people choose monthly to quarterly treatments to keep their systems healthy. Lymphatic treatments are best combined with a Holistic Health consultation to get  educated on how the lymphatic system works and why yours may be sluggish. In this session, your practitioner will design a customized lymphatic wellness plan.

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