Acu-Na's Metagenics  Nutraceuticals

Acu-Na's Metagenics Nutraceuticals

Acu-Na's Metagenics  Nutraceuticals

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Mary J Houge ND, L.Ac., LMBT

Our online store provides you with the highest quality supplements available at 20% off your first order & 10% off recurring orders with FREE shipping. If you need a recommendation you may call or text me at (828) 974-7058 or email me at [email protected]

We are providers of Metagenics nutrigenomic medical foods and nutraceuticals, which offer a research-based multifunctional approach to wellness. Their vast collection of products provides a targeted nutritional approach to chronic conditions. Notable favorites in our Metagenics collection include UltraInflam-X for systemic inflammation and digestive health, UltraGlucose Control for blood sugar regulation, Estrovera for menopause support, the potent probiotic Ultraflora Spectrum, and many more options for noticeable results.

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