Private Meditation with Sadhvi - 60 min

Private Meditation with Sadhvi - 60 min

Private Meditation with Sadhvi - 60 min
60 min

Consultation may be in-person, telehealth, or phone call. In this private one-hour session you will experience simple yet profound techniques to guide you in your meditation practice. You will learn how to slow down and tune in to your body and breath, and the result will be a feeling of freedom and lightness as well as a greater capacity to meet the demands of daily life with ease and compassion. The many benefits of meditation include: -Physiological - Relaxes the nervous system, decreases muscle tension, increases flow of oxygen to the lungs, slows the heart rate. -Psychological- improves focus and concentration, improves the mood, encourages communication between left and right brain -Spiritual- creates peace of mind and promotes compassion

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