Acu-Na Integrated Massage - 90 min

Acu-Na Integrated Massage - 90 min

Acu-Na Integrated Massage - 90 min
90 min

Our massages are customized to meet the needs of our clients. First we determine what the client would like to accomplish in the session. We will then determine the techniques the client enjoys most. Finally, we perform the massage using a variety of techniques that will best accomplish the client’s goals. We can address: stress, joint stiffness, joint pain, muscle pain, swelling, sports-related injuries, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, neuropathy, adhesions/ scar tissue, headaches, sinus congestion, digestive disorders, TMJ and other neuromuscular or internal imbalances. You will not only feel relaxed but repaired. You may include in your session at no additional charge: essential oils, therapeutic liniments, warm stones, and warm towels.

What to Expect from my Massage Session 

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