Crystal Healing Massage Ritual 60 min

Crystal Healing Massage Ritual 60 min

Crystal Healing Massage Ritual 60 min
60 min

Crystal healing therapy involves placing gemstones on the body to draw out negative energy and stimulate healing energy. Your crystal healer will also use the crystals for massaging specific areas, meridians and acu-point. She will massage the five zones: face, arms and feet. Crystal healing is a holistic technique in which crystals and other stones are used to rebalance the energy body disrupted by emotional discourse and/or physical trauma. They are placed on sites of pain, on acupuncture points or meridians, or on subtle energy vortexes called chakras. Each type of crystal has according to its color, shape and mineral content, a specific effect on the energy balance of chakras, meridians, and emotions. Usually crystals with the points facing away from the problem area move the energy away from that area, and crystals placed with the points facing inwards recharge the body with subtle energies. Warm and cool crystals are used along with essential oils and warm towels.

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